A few days after returning from the Silicon Valley of India, i.e. Bangalore, I received a phone call from a family friend living in another city of India. This friend inquired about Google Cash and wanted to know how money could be made from it. He also wanted to know about blogs.

To be frank, I was hearing about Google Cash for the first time. I know a lot about Adsense and blogs. I know how money can be earned by displaying Adsense ads on your blogs and websites. I had also heard about Amazon and affiliates a long time ago. But, nothing whatsoever about Google Cash.

This friend of mine didn't know much about blogs. He didn't know anything about Adsense. He told me that money can be made from Google Cash. But, didn't know how. Therefore, he required my help.

I told him that "Google Cash" is probably a term for the money that is made from displaying the ads of Adsense on blogs and websites. I explained to him that money cannot be made from Google Cash. But, it is from the ads of Adsense that are displayed on the blogs and websites that money can be made. I asked him to check out a few blogs to get an idea of what exactly they are and also visit a few websites where he could see the "Ads by Google" boxes. I also asked him to come online the next day and chat with me so that I could explain everything in detail. But, he didn't.

A few days later, I called him up and inquired. He had shelved the whole idea of earning money from "Google Cash". As a small town guy, he probably felt the task quite daunting.

This incident left me thinking about how people dream of getting easy money but, give up when they realise that it is not so "easy money". Chris Carpenter probably didn't have this small town guy in his mind when he wrote Google Cash. Thus, this blog to explain in an easy way to all those small town guys & gals who want to earn easy money in an easy way. So, keep visiting and contributing to make everybody rich, if not famous. Bye!

Fonts & Colors

Before discussing more about optimising income from Google Adsense, the look of the blog should be improved to draw more visitors. The customization of the fonts of the blog can be done very easily. Here’s how to do it.

Log-in to your blogger account.

The Blogger Dashboard appears

Blogger Dashboard

Click on Layout.

The Add and Arrange Page Elements page appears

Google's Goose - Font Color

Click on Fonts and Colors.

The following page appears

Google's Goose - Change Font ColorA box of list is displayed on the left in which the first item is Text Color that has been selected by default.

Next to this box is a range of colors.

Click on the color that you wish to use for the post message text. The fonts of your blog will appear in this color every time you post a new message.

Next on the list in the box is Blog/Page Title Color. This is the color of the blog title.

After this is the Blog Description Color.

The Date Header Color is the color of the date that appears above your post message.

The Post Title Color is the color of the title of the post messages.

Click on each item to select it and then click on the color icons to change the color.

Scroll down further to change the font style.

Select each item in the list by clicking on it.

Change the font style to the font style of your choice by clicking on the round radio button next to the font styles.

Finally, click on Save to save your new settings.


Adsense Earnings

After getting the Ads by Google displayed by Adsense on your blog, you must be eager to know how much you are earning from them. Here's how you can keep track of your earnings from Google Adsense advertisements.

1. Type in the address bar of the browser and press Enter.

The Google Adsense Sign-in page appears Google's Goose - Adsense Sign-in

2. Type the username and password of your Adsense Account and press Enter.

The Reports – Overview page appears displaying the current day’s earnings.
Google's Goose - Adsense Report

3. Click on Payment History to view your Earnings & Payments Summary and Payment Schedule.


Google's Goose - Adsense Monthly Earnings

3. Scroll down a little and click on This month, by day to see your earnings for the current month.

Keep visiting for more money making information. Or, simply check out the advertisements displayed on this blog; perchance, you may click the jackpot.



After all those blog tutorials teaching you how to create a blog, you must be eagerly awaiting to learn how to earn money from your blog. Well, here it is. Adsense! That's the magic wand that will pour money into your pockets. Adsense is a program by which Google displays ads on your blogs. You must have seen the "Ads by Google" boxes in many a websites & blogs. The advertisements are put there by Google. When a visitor to your blog clicks on any one of these "Ads by Google", you earn money. It's that simple. Display advertisements on your blog and when someone clicks on it, you get paid. So, let's start the Adsense adventure.

1. Sign-in with your username & password.

Google's Goose - Dashboard

2. Click on Layout.

Google's Goose - Add & Arrange Page Elements

3. Click Add a Gadget where you want to place the ads.

Google's Goose - Add Adsense

4. Click on Adsense from the pop-up window.

Google's Goose - Create Account

5. Click on Create Account.

The Complete Sign-Up page appears

Google's Goose - Complete Sign-Up

6. Click on Continue

The Configure Adsense page appears

Google's Goose - Configure Ads

7. Configure by choosing the colour of the ad box, title etc.

8. Click on Save.

Google's Goose - Email Verification
9. Open your email for a confirmation message and for verification.

10. Click on the link given.

11. A new window will open.

12. In Account type section, select the country of your residence from the drop-down menu of Country or territory.

13. Fill your personal details in the section of Contact Informations.

14. Select Yes, allow access to my account in the Partner Website

15. Click to check all the boxes in Policies

16. Click on Submit Information.

17. Review your informations.

18. Click Edit Account Information if you want to correct something.


18. Click on Create Account.

19. Scroll down the Agreement page.

20. Click to check the box to accept the agreement.

21. Click on I Accept.

22. Done. Relax for 2 days before Adsense accepts you.


Blog List

After providing thousands of gadgets to make your blogs beautiful, Blogger has changed the design of its Dashboard also. So, after you sign-in the Dashboard that appears looks as shown below :

Blogger Dashboard

Now, let us get to know how to add the basic gadgets from the Add a Gadget page to your blog. So, click on Layout to go to the Add and Arrange Page Elements page.

Google's Goose - Add & Arrange Page Elements

To Add a Blog List

1. Click on Add a Gadget.

The Add a Gadget window pops up

Google's Goose - Add Blog List

2. Click on Blog List.

The Configure Blog List window pops out

Google's Goose - Configure Blog List3. Title – will display the title of the blog list and not the title of the blogs that is to be included in the blog list. The default title is My Blog List. But, you can change it to anything more creative that you can think of, e.g. My Fav Blogs.

4. Sort – will display the blogs included in the list alphabetically by their titles or as the most recently updated blog list. The default is Most recently updated. Click on the drop-down menu to select Alphabetically by blog title.

5. Show – will display the full blog list or just 5, 10 or 25 while the rest are hidden. It’s better to display only 5 blogs if you have a long blog list and let your readers click on Show all if they want to see all the other blog titles on the blog list so that there is space to display other gadgets.

6. Icon – box is checked by default to display Blog icons before the blog titles in your blog list. Click to clear it if you do not want to display the icons.

7. Title of most recent item – is also selected by default and displays the title of the recent post – not the post from your blog, but from the blog that you have selected to include in your blog list – below the blog title in the blog list.

8. Snippet of most recent item – will display the first few words from the recent post from the blog listed in the blog list.

9. Date of last update – will display the number of days since the blog in the blog list was last updated.

10. Click on the Add a blog to your list link shown in the box.

The Add to your blog list dialogue box pops out

Google's Goose - Add Blog11. Type the blog address in the box provided.

12. Click Add.

13. For adding more blogs to the blog list, click Add To List button.

14. Repeat step 11 & 12.


Blog Gadgets

In the week between this post and the last, Blogger has done something quite amazing. The page that pops up on clicking the Add a Page Element has been changed. Therefore, you will not see the page that is shown in the screenshot in the last post. You may ask what is so amazing about that. Well, let me tell you what the amazing part is. It has provided thousands of elements that you can add to your blog! Besides the 18 basic elements that were provided in the earlier Choose a New Page Element, there are thousands of elements – now called Gadgets – to choose from 12 different categories.

When you click the layout link on the Dashboard, the Add and Arrange Page Elements appears.

Google's Goose - Add & Arrange Page Elements

Here, instead of the Add a Page Element, you will see Add a Gadget written. But, the function is the same as it was for Add a Page Element. It allows you to add elements (gadgets) to your blog.

But, when you click on Add a Gadget, the page that pops up is entirely different. It not only has the earlier 18 elements provided in the basic category, but has thousands of gadgets in different categories also.
Google's Goose - Add a Gadget

Click on each category to see how many gadgets it contains and which you would like to show off in your blog and make it more attractive. Check them out!

Add a Page Element – Overview

Adding a new Page Element will require you to decide what you want to add. When you click on the Add a Page Element a new window opens up containing a list of elements that you can choose from to add to your blog.

Google's Goose - Page Elements ListBlog roll, Link list & List are similar and are for displaying a list.

Slideshow, Picture & Video Bar are also similar for displaying slides, photos or videos.

Subscription Links & Feed are similar. Subscription allows your readers to get the contents of your blog, whereas Feed allows you to get the contents from other blogs & websites and display them on your blog.

Newsreel allows you to get the current headlines from Google News.

Poll is for taking a survey to know the opinion of your readers on a particular topic or issue.

Logo is for displaying a nice Google logo on your blog.

If you wish to write something, then you should click on the TEXT button e.g. “Aside” in this blog.

If you wish to add a script, e.g. the script for Goose Seekers’ globe in this blog, then click on SCRIPT/HTML and type or paste the required script.

Label is for categorizing your posts under a certain category and is displayed so that your readers can find the topic of their interest easily.

Page Header, Archive and Profile were discussed in the last tutorials.

And, finally, the main element that you would be very eager to know about – Google’s Goose that lays golden eggs – Adsense!

Next post will provide the details for adding these elements to your blog.